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When you’re building a business, you’re building it with a team of humans. And while we’re pretty awesome, we’re also different, flawed, and a little unpredictable. How do you manage this element without losing your sanity, your hair or your money?

The answer is in having robust HR structures and processes!

A natural extension of our business, Paradigm HR Solutions seamlessly integrate with your team to ensure you’re nailing it on the people side of things. Our goal is to maximise your return on this dynamic resource and empower your business to thrive in today’s employment landscape.

Until you have your own internal HR team, you’ll need a trusted team behind you providing expertise and resources for your immediate needs and long-term strategies.

Our Solutions

We train our clients to be their best when it comes to HR, whether its building an employment agreement, hiring staff, interviewing staff, managing employee performance, we'll train you on how to do it!
HR Foundation
HR Foundation
Setting up a new business? Growing? Setting firm foundations in your existing business? 

We can provide a full suite of HR related documents and templates to kickstart your new business, or to help you professionalise this area of your organisation. We also provide general HR advice and bi-weekly check-ins for the first 3 months. With a wealth of experience in all aspects of Employment Law, we are able to offer you trusted legal guidance and support you can rely on. We are also here to help you navigate ER/IR issues, including dispute resolution, mediation and employment relations authority representation.
Providing your team with a safe and healthy workplace is an important part of running a business. 

If employees feel their wellbeing is being looked after at work, they are usually more productive, healthier, and less stressed. We can support you through our Wellbeing Partnerships, and help you to build a wellness/wellbeing program fit for your budget and goals.
Talk to us about how you can work alongside our experienced team who deliver webinars, workshops or one-to-one sessions across areas such as ‘hiring 101, how to recruit, how to have difficult conversations, hiring now and for the future, conflict management, diversity and inclusion, how to manage your biases’, etc. We also purposefully design bespoke training to enable you to grow an develop a positive culture within your business. You may be eligible for funding through the RBP scheme.
Onboarding Programme
On and Off Boarding Programme
Did you know that 66% of people look for a new role within the first 3 months of joining a company, as they were not onboarded properly! 

Work with our team to develop bespoke onboarding programs, to welcome your newest staff member from the day you hire them. We can also partner with you on exit plans, to ensure staff leave fulfilled, and with a positive experience as they journey onwards in their careers.
Engagement and Development
Engagement and Development
Enable your people to reach their full potential by utilising practical performance improvement processes and plans, performance reviews that matter and succession planning that you believe in. Let us help you plan your
workforce needs and put that organisation design in place.
Our HR Solution services are supported by a customized technology solution designed specifically for you and your business. You will enjoy complete access to this technology, which is dedicated to ensuring document safety, compliance, and confidentiality.
Remuneration, Reward and Recognition
Start off how you would like to continue, know the numbers to ensure an engaged workforce by offering competitive remuneration and benefits packages. Learn through us about reward and recognition programs that
don’t break the bank, and let us help you size your roles to ensure you’re attracting the talent you deserve.
Choose from a range of talent sourcing strategies that fit within your budget and timelines. This could be us managing your entire process from start to finish, helping you to a shortlist, or taking away the time pressures of credential checking and reference checking. We also offer proven, superior overseas recruitment support, executive search and employment branding expertise, to make you an attractive employer!
When is Paradigm HR the right answer?
When you don’t have an internal HR team to rely on
When you need help setting HR foundations up for your business or franchise
Whilst setting up a new HR team, or during a merger/acquisition or other significant changes
When you're finding it difficult to attract and retain top talent
Your workload has surged and you need extra support so you can focus on your BAU tasks
When you're facing growth spurts or streamlining processes/teams
You temporarily need specific HR knowledge for a particular project or task
Navigating labor laws and regulations can be daunting. Paradigm HR ensures you remain compliant, minimizing legal risks and potential penalties
When employee productivity or engagement is declining

What our Clients Say

  • Throughout this process, there was never a moment where we felt like we were dealing with an external recruitment agency. The impact of Steph's approach on our business was profound. Our attrition rates improved, and we witnessed enhanced performance in our SLAs due to the recruitment of high-quality personnel. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Steph and her remarkable team at Paragon for anyone seeking recruitment expertise.

    SUHAIL SHAIKH, Head of Ask Me! Student Service Centre, Manukau Institute of Tecnnology

  • Stephanie listens to ideas and provides real-world feedback on how the market and our ideal applicants will react. She's a true business partner and extension of our business.

    SHANE TE POU HR Manager - Mega

  • I was lucky to work with Nicolene when I was seeking a new role in New Zealand. She was highly professional and supportive. She has been a friendly and caring interface between the employer and me, and has accompanied me during the employment process with great advice and timely responses. I highly recommend her.

  • Paragon Recruit is an awesome recruiter! I have been working with them for around eight months now and have had a succession of great business outcomes.


  • I had the absolute pleasure of working with Cherie Nicole as my recruitment agent during my recent job search, and I cannot express enough how impressed I was with her outstanding assistance and expertise. Cherie's dedication, knowledge, and unwavering support throughout the entire process were truly exceptional.

  • Paragon has proved to be amazingly professional and efficient to deal with.

  • Great professional service and a pleasant experience all around.


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